NZ Weather

NZ has year round wind if you are willing to travel.

Spring is the highlight in the North Island where the SouthWest winds blow for 2 months solid.

During the Summer months the lower South Island has strong North Easterly winds, while the rest of us settle for light-moderate (10-20 knots) seabreezes.

Autumn is a quiet time for wind but provides fantastic waves up the East coast and West coast, the water is still warm as are the days.

Winter in NZ provides great Snow kiting in the South and Central North Island, while the die hards still take on the bitterly cold Southerlies which blow up the country.  Places such as Taranaki you can Kitesurf and Snowboard in one day (if your game!).
The Winter is a time where we start to look at heading to the South Pacific, Southern Asia and Northern Australia to take full advantage of the consistent Trade Winds.

NZ summer days kitesurfing amongst the nikaus.