Auckland is a haven of Kitesurf locations.  Within a 30 minute drive in every direction there is a beach that covers any Wind Direction and Tide.

We run the Kite school and Demo days at any number of beaches Auckland wide to suit the wind and tide, also the customers location.

Please scroll through the map for each Auckland Kite Spot and click on a marker for a detailed description on that particular location.

For a larger map and a full list of Kite Spot names click here.

BEGINNER Auckland kitesurfing spots are marked with blue markers. These are the beaches we also choose to teach at.  They are generally shallow and without waves and any hazards.

INTERMEDIATE Auckland kitesurfing spots are marked with green markers, these are recommended for people once they can ride upwind and change direction to return to the same point with ease.  They pose challenges such as beach breaks and are busy with other beach users.

ADVANCED Auckland kitesurfing spots are marked with red markers.  These are recommended for Kitesurfers with experience due to off shore winds, crowds, dangerous currents and/or powerful waves.

Kite these spots with caution and it isn’t recommended to Kite these places alone.