What Kite/Board will be best for me?

Seems simple, but varies according to your weight and what wind strength you will be out in, and what conditions your local spot will offer.

Generally starting with a “Freeride” with full safety features will help you progress quickly and safely.  In most cases this will be the Kite you stick with as it offers performance with ease of use.

For boards you are looking again to start with the Freeride board which has generous flex, and enough width and length.  Speak to us or your local shop to get the right information on what you need.  Beware of local advice as some will guide you into gear which you may not be ready for.

Should I buy new or used Kite gear?

In most cases this comes down to money, but buying a cheap kite could turn out to be a nightmare and cost just as much in repairs!

Old C-shaped kites only offer a frustrating time and very little safety.  Buying new is advisable, not only to enjoy maximum safety but you will have a warranty to fall back on and a shop to back up any issues and offer the right kite for your requirements.

The Kites now are so easy that you will give yourself an edge when learning, reducing frustration.  Kites from 2007 onward were the first offering safe full depower.  Trade me does have some good deals but see first a section on getting used kites.

How long will a Kite last me?

If you take care with your Kites, keep them away from shells, trees and dry them, removing any sand and keeping them out of the sun as much as possible, a kite with moderate use should last for 2-3 years before they start to feel a little baggy and the material starts to diminish.  That is a hell of alot of fun when you work it out!

 Where should I Kite once I have gear?

We have a list and map of Auckland Kitesurfing Spots just for you, please be realistic about your level and stay at those spots until you are ready.

 Waist deep water with plenty of room downwind, and no other beach users in your path is ideal.  Avoid Beach breaks (beaches that are on exposed shores) and try to Kite with someone.

 If in doubt call your local shop for information on spots and in some cases we can find you a Kite buddy to hook up with.

 How many Kites will I need? Gone are the days where you need a huge range of Kites.  Now you can almost wing it on one Kite with a couple of boards, but if you want maximum range (12-35 knots) 2 kites and 2 boards will do the trick.  You can never have enough gear though.